Southside Update


September 19, 2019

It’s been nearly 12 months since a hard-fought victory was secured in Queensland to allow women to have the right to make their own decisions about their own bodies. I know many members of our community have been watching the recent debacle occurring over the border in NSW.

It is disgraceful that even now the LNP are still showing no internal integrity or leadership on this issue. With the signals the Queensland LNP are sending, and what is occurring in NSW, I am concerned that unless we make a strong stand on this issue and pressure the opposition it will leave a gap that will validate the forces within the LNP that are moving to abolish one of our major achievements.

We will need your help to send a clear message to the LNP, so please watch this space.


Commitment to Reef regulations

This week in Parliament we have made several key commitments about the Great Barrier Reef to help improve the quality of water flowing into the Reef.

The changes follow extensive consultation with industry and stakeholders, based on the best available science.

For the last decade, the Queensland Government has supported agricultural industries to voluntarily improve their practices to help reduce run-off. But unfortunately, the uptake of these voluntary practices has not been fast enough.

The regulations will ensure minimum standards for everyone to follow, and ensures those farmers who are not yet on track will accelerate their progress.

More information can be found here.


Welcome Alice-Anne McRobbie

I had the great pleasure of hosting and meeting the new Queensland Manager of the Australian Institute of Architects Alice-Anne McRobbie at Parliament House a few weeks ago.

Our electorate is home to many great architects and architecture businesses, with a long history of producing amazing buildings and innovative designs. This event highlighted the great work architects do across Brisbane and the state and how they are often the people that turn good ideas into real-world outcomes.

I had a great time at the event meeting everyone, my best wishes to Alice-Anne and congratulations on the position, I look forward to working alongside you to create vibrant, liveable and iconic places for all Queenslanders.

Disability Action Week

One million Queenslanders live with a disability and a result many of them experience unemployment, underemployment and a lack of career progression.

This week is disability action week (15-22 of September) and I ask that you take the time to visit the All Abilities Queensland website and view short video series about three amazing young Queenslanders who have worked to overcome their employment barriers 

Everyone has a role to play in creating employment opportunities and it is essential that as a community we come together to support the ambitions and dreams of those around us.


Queensland Seniors & Pensioners

Currently, the state government has extensive programs that local seniors and pensioners may be eligible for that they may not be aware of. The following is just a snapshot of what is available and if you may be eligible or know of someone that is do not hesitate to utilise these services.

  • Public Transport: 50% off bus, train and ferry fares for senior card holders is available - You will need to contact TransLink on 13 12 30 to organise this
  • Vehicle Registration: Reduced registration costs for seniors – You will need to call the Department of Transport and Main roads on 13 23 80
  • Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme: Financial assistance is available for patients who need to access medical services that are not available in their local area. This scheme subsidises travel and accommodation costs – Contact Queensland Health on 13 43 25 84
  • Queensland Pensioner Water Subsidy: This subsidy is on water costs up to $120 per year for eligible pensioner property owners – Please contact your water retailer for information
  • Home Assistance Secure: Subsidy of up to $500 per household for critical maintenance services for people over 60 or those with a disability. This is aimed at allowing them to stay in their home, whether that be rented or owned- Please contact the Department of Housing and Public Works on 13 74 68
  • Pensioner Rate Subsidy: A 20% subsidy on local government rates and charges, up to a maximum of $200 per year to assist pensioners in living in their own homes longer – Please contact your Councillor for more information
  • Arts Concessional Entry Fees: Discounted entry fees is available for local residents to the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum and the Queensland Performing Arts Trust performances – Contact the Queensland Museum or Art Gallery for more information

Seniors and Pensioners make a positive impact on our communities, if you know of anyone who may wish to access these resources please share it with them. Giving people a hand up and securing their standards of living is one of the foundations of the Queensland Labor Party and something I care very deeply about.

For more information please feel free to visit my office or click here.


More Action on Cyberbullying - CONVO2019

At CONVO2019, 120 Queenslanders aged 12-25 will have an opportunity to help the Queensland Government design a campaign to help end cyberbullying.

As well as young people, the Queensland Government will work with social media companies and influencers to identify real solutions to prevent, reduce and respond to cyberbullying.

The event will be held on Monday 21 October at the Queensland State Netball Centre.

CONVO2019 has been developed based on the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce report, Adjust our Settings: A community approach to address cyberbullying among children and young people in Queensland recommendation to co-create a campaign with a diverse group of young Queenslanders. 

Applications close at 12pm on Friday 4 October 2019. Parents are welcome to attend the parents’ forum that will run concurrently to this event if their child is selected to participate as a CONVO2019 full day participant. 

To find about more about CONVO2019 or to apply, please visit this link.