Southside Update

Rounding out October

October 29, 2019

October is Sexual Violence Awareness month here in Queensland and its important to remind ourselves why it’s so important. It is a matter of life and death. Every single day women are harassed, assaulted, raped and killed by men.

This abhorrent violence stems from bias and gender inequality ingrained in our society. In a time when the world is changing, and women are increasingly celebrated, there are still those who wage a war against women.

We all know and love women who have been leading cultural change in our communities and now we all need to stand up and challenge the status quo.

Right now in Queensland, women who are survivors of rape and sexual assault are suffering under archaic laws. These laws do not reflect a modern and equal society. They hark back to an era when women were voiceless and powerless.

I am determined to change these outdated laws.

That’s why I fought to have the laws relating to consent and mistake of fact referred to the Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) and I’m pleased that work is now underway.

We believe women. We stand with women.

It is only through collective action across Government, business and the community that we will see meaningful  change.

You can keep up with the work of the Queensland Law Reform Commission as it relates to consent here

The fantastic work of the independent QLRC helped our Labor government decriminalise abortion, and I’m confident that with their expert advice, we will be able to improve the criminal justice system for survivors of sexual violence.

Kind regards,
Jackie Trad
Member for South Brisbane


Members of the LNP won’t stop spreading lies about women’s reproductive healthcare.

Mark Robinson, the LNP Member for Oodgeroo, spread fear in the community, saying we were promoting abortion of full term babies.

Not only is that totally false, the LNP uses the stories of women who’s deeply personal and tragic circumstances should not be commandeered to promote a political platform based on lies and misinformation.
This is the same man who had this to say on Facebook 
“It’s time for the Premier to stand up to Jihad Jackie for the sake of women and their pre-born babies”

Not only are the LNP spreading lies about women’s rights, they are resorting to racial slurs and extremism.

We must send them a message – sign my petition to show that our community is on the right side of history, and we will never let them take us backwards.
Sign the Petition!

Recycled Sunnies!

One of our local businesses Dresden Vision has teamed up with Sustainable Salons to create 100% post-consumer recycled plastic sunglasses.

These sunglasses are made of shampoo bottles collected from hair salons across Australia and New Zealand. 

I had the pleasure of heading to their Shampoo Collection launch night and meeting some of the amazing people behind these initiatives. 

I wish them all the best in the future and thank them for having me on such a special night.



ARIA Music Teacher of The Year


Lee Strickland is a music teacher from Narbethong Special School and is one of just four nominees in the ARIA Music Teacher Award category this year.

This is a amazing achievement that highlights her impressive work in one of our local schools.

Public voting for the awards closes in Novemeber and I encourage as many people as possible to follow this link and vote for her.

Let's see if we can Lee over the line.


Renewable Energy is Keeping Power Prices Down 

The Queensland Renewable Energy Target and Affordable Energy Plan are helping to drive down power prices, as well as diversify our energy mix.

Queensland has the lowest average power prices on the eastern seaboard, and we’ve been able invest $2 billion into our Affordable Energy Plan because we stopped the LNP selling our assets.

The Australian Energy Retailer, the body responsible for regulating our power prices, has forecast they’ll go down even further next year, thanks to the policies of our Labor Government.

Queensland solar panels on rooftops can now produce twice as much electricity as our state’s biggest power station.
We’re on track to meet our 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030, and the establishment of CleanCo will help get us there.

CleanCo will start trading in the National Energy market at the end of this month and will deliver 1000MW of renewable generation by 2025. Furthermore, we will maintain majority public ownership of energy generation through CleanCo’s mandate to build, own and operate renewable energy assets.

Growing Indigenous Businesses

As part of Indigenous Business Month this October we are celebrating the unique ingenuity of our Indigenous businesses and their owners both here in South Brisbane and Queensland.

Currently, the Queensland Government has implemented multiple policies aimed at giving government support to the development of a strong network of Indigenous businesses.

Through the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) local Indigenous businesses have access to a range of enterprise development services. 

If you would like more information regarding enterprise development please email [email protected]

Black Business Finder (BBF) is also a great service you can utilise that can integrate Indigenous Businesses into the supply chains of major projects.