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Our Teacher

Emma’s yoga journey began in 2009 after a car accident left her injured and unhappy. In her quest to relieve chronic back pain she went along to her first yoga class, and in an instant, she was hooked. Emma soon found that regular yoga practice not only lengthened her spine and left her pain free – but kept her grounded, and gave her confidence.

While she was initially drawn to Vinyasa yoga, Emma quickly saw that there was so much more to the practice than the physical asana. She began searching for new and different styles of yoga, and in 2012 embarked on her yoga teacher training with My Health Yoga. Emma has a great respect for balance, and encourages her students towards a place of acceptance and equanimity – working up to, but within, their own limits. Her teaching allows for playfulness, chuckles and lightheartedness, while at the same time affording the space to take our focus inward.