Political donation reform this term of parliament

Donation disclosure threshold lowered
In 2015, the Palaszczuk Labor Government lowered the political donation disclosure threshold from $12,800 back to $1,000 (including for period from 21 Nov 2013), reversing a previous decision by the Newman Government. Political parties must publicly declare all donations of $1000 or more.

Real-time donation disclosures
Labor has introduced Australia’s first real-time electronic donation disclosure system for state and local government. Instead of waiting more than six months to see who is donating to a political party, voters will have access to this information within seven business days through the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Local Government donation reform
Legislation introduced by the Palaszczuk Government has set the local government candidate and third party election disclosure donation threshold at $500 to align with a Councillor’s register of interest gift disclosures threshold. Unspent campaign donations in a candidate’s dedicated account must now either kept in the account for the conduct of another election campaign, paid to a registered charity nominated by the candidate, or paid to the relevant political party.

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