Labor’s new planning laws

We need planning that will ensure that the future of South Brisbane is one where our unique community and culture is preserved.

Since my election in 2012 I have dedicated myself to the need for sustainable and sensible planning for South Brisbane’s future. It has been a privilege to continue this work in Government as the Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

I have been working tirelessly with the Department and the community to deliver a new suite of planning legislation that will ensure sustainability, prosperity and livability. This is why I led the reform of Queensland’s planning laws.

The government is committed to ensuring Queenslanders can actively participate in the planning and development process and the Planning Act 2016 will deliver a transparent and efficient system that also embraces genuine community engagement.

There will be improved opportunities for public participation in the planning system, from scheme drafting all the way through to contributing to development applications.

The new system also provides more access to information on development decisions, so the public has the opportunity to understand and appreciate why certain decisions were made.

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More rights for the community
Residents and community groups will now have the ability to appeal decisions without adverse cost orders being awarded against them.

Transparency and accountability 
New requirements on councils and the state government to publish reasons for development decisions for the first time.

Mandatory consultation
Local governments will now be required to consult for longer on new planning schemes and there will be mandatory consultation on state planning instruments.

Stricter code assessment 
All new developments will now be assessed more strictly against the criteria set out in the code through a new ‘bounded’ code assessment.

Critical infrastructure delivered
Providing councils with more ability to increase infrastructure charges levied on new development to deliver critical community infrastructure.

Stronger heritage protection
Proposed developments that impact heritage buildings will now require examination by an independent body.

Climate change recognised
For the first time, climate change is recognised as an important factor and all future development will be required to measure potential impacts.

Coastline protection 
Pristine Queensland coastline will be protected by the reinstatement of land surrender arrangements.

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