Park at Queen Bess Street

As many locals know, the unused area at the end of Queen Bess Street was acquired by the State Government to facilitate the delivery of the Eastern Busway.  This site was designated for sale by the previous Newman Government, however, after listening to the local community and since coming to government, I have been working to ensure this area is secured as a public park.

Our area needs more green space, and this public land is a great opportunity to provide a place for locals to enjoy.

But I need your help.

I am arranging for the land to be returfed and handed over to Brisbane City Council (Council) as the level of government responsible for providing and maintaining local parks.

I can report that the Lord Mayor has advised that Council is willing to accept the land for use as a public park and I am working with them to finalise the transfer. This is prime inner-city land being gifted to Council so they can meet their commitments to provide public green space as detailed in their Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Council is ordinarily responsible for the installation and maintenance of park equipment. However, Council now seem to be stalling, advising that they won’t accept the land unless the state funds normal park infrastructure like footpaths and benches.

Now, I don’t particularly want to have an argument with Council over something that should be a no brainer – the state gifts the land and Council meets its green space obligations by turning it into a public park – but, I am interested in what you think.

Please fill out the survey below and let me know whether you think Council should accept the park and invest in it for the benefit of local residents.

Survey about park on Queen Bess Street