Electoral reform delivered this term

Local Government election transparency
Labor has passed laws that deliver greater transparency and accountability to local government elections in Queensland. Incorporated associations are no longer permitted to receive or hold electoral campaign funds which are intended to be applied for a member’s benefit. Furthermore, a candidate’s dedicated account can now only be used for gifts and loans received and expenditure made for electoral campaigns, making it easier to trace campaign expenditure.

Fixed 4 year terms 
Queensland will now have fixed 4 year terms, following the passage of a referendum in March 2016. It is vital that voters in our state have confidence that their government is focused on delivering for their community instead of constantly preparing for potential elections.

Voter ID requirement removed
In 2013, the Newman LNP Government introduced and passed a law requiring all voters to produce identifying documents before casting a vote. Queensland was the only jurisdiction to have adopted this discriminatory proof of identity requirement. It aided in disenfranchising the most vulnerable in our society, in particular elderly, poor and indigenous Queenslanders. The Labor Government repealed this legislation in 2015.

Fairer Budget Estimate hearings  
Labor has reversed the Newman Government’s decision to contract budget estimate hearing dates and hold hearings simultaneously. This move will ensure that all committee members will be able to attend all hearings, and ministers, along with their departments will be subject to the appropriate level of scrutiny.

Full preferential voting for Queensland
The Palaszczuk Labor Government passed legislation to reintroduce full preferential voting for Queensland State elections and increase the size of the Parliament from 89 to 93 seats. Full preferential voting allows voters to indicate their preference for all candidates listed on the ballot paper for a Queensland State election. No longer will Queenslanders elect their Federal and State MPs via different methods. The votes of all Queenslanders will be counted in the election of the Member of Parliament to represent them.

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