We’re Banning Property Developer Donations


I’ve always taken a strong stand on integrity and transparency.

Since I first became a candidate in 2012, I have ensured my local campaigns have never taken donations from developers.

I made this decision because I knew firsthand the impact of rapid development on our local community and I wanted to ensure locals have faith in my representation of their interests on development matters.

Under Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls we saw transparency and accountability trashed.

From increasing the donation disclosure threshold to $12,800 to sacking the entire Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee – of which I was a member – because they wouldn’t tolerate either scrutiny nor criticism.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has worked hard to restore and repair the damage done by the Newman-Nicholls come a long way to restore and repair the damage that was done under the Newman-Nicholls LNP Government.

Not only have we lowered the disclosure threshold back to $1000, but we’ve also introduced real-time donation disclosures – a nation first and we’ve ensure the independence of the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Now, we’re taking the next step.

Following the Crime and Corruption Commission’s recommendation that local governments no longer receive developer donations, we’ve announced that the Palaszczuk Government will ban developer donations at both a state and council level.

I have always been a very strong advocate for transparency and accountability in government and I’m proud to say the Palaszczuk Labor Government continues to deliver in this important area to ensure our democracy is as strong and representative as it can possibly be.

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