Climate Change & Vegetation Management


Ultimately, responsibility for driving down Australia’s carbon pollution rests with the Federal Government – but the Palaszczuk Government is committed to doing our fair share by reducing the carbon pollution we generate here in Queensland by:



The Palaszczuk Government made a promise to the people of Queensland at the last state election that we would return sound environmental protections to Queensland for the sake of the Great Barrier Reef, for the sake of our native vegetation and wildlife and for the sake of our climate.

Unfortunately, the LNP and the Katter Party teamed up to vote down this incredibly important legislation in Parliament. But we will take this fight to the next election – because we know that our environment and our Reef are too important.

Agriculture thrived under a decade of Labor’s tree clearing laws, growing by more than $2 billion in sector profitability during that period. This proves we can get the balance right between growing a thriving agricultural sector and protecting our environment.

We need to think about our iconic Great Barrier Reef, which attracts 1.9 million visitors and injects $6 billion into our economy annually.

The northernmost part of the reef is feeling the worst of the current coral bleaching event which we know is caused by climate change.

It is imperative that we curb our emissions from land use in order to protect our local environment and meet our international targets to prevent further global warming.

Land-clearing rates doubled in Queensland in the first two years of the LNP government. Queensland is now responsible for 90 per cent of Australia’s emissions from land use. This simply has to stop.


Posted by Jackie Trad on Friday, 12 August 2016



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