Planning Reform


We need planning that will ensure that the future of South Brisbane is one where our unique community and culture is preserved.

Since my election in 2012 I have dedicated myself to the need for sustainable and sensible planning for South Brisbane’s future. It has been a privilege to continue this work in Government as the Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

I have been working tirelessly with the Department and the community to deliver a new suite of planning legislation that will ensure sustainability, prosperity and liveability.

This is why I led reform Queensland’s planning laws. These new laws:

  • Require local governments and state government to publish reasons for their development decisions. This will greatly improve accountability, as decision makers will have to show the community if they deviate from a planning scheme and provide their reasons for doing so.
  • Require local governments to consult for longer on new planning schemes. There is also mandatory consultation on state planning instruments.
  •  Make sure that the community can appeal development decisions without the risk of a costs order being awarded against them.
  •  Provide stronger protection for heritage properties, with proposed developments requiring examination by an independent body.

The new planning legislation will commence in mid-2017.

If you would like to read more about our planning scheme you can go to: